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Design & Engineering Services

At Engineered Component Solutions, we do more than make parts. We make sure your parts can be made. Our engineering team, which has more than 40 years combined experience, optimizes each and every product design for manufacturability. We can also handle pre-production engineering, such as prototyping and tooling development, for customers who need to start making parts as quickly as possible.


  • Design For Manufacturability.  There are often many different ways to make a part, but only one best way. Our engineering team helps you identify the best manufacturing process for a given part design. We can also guide you through part geometry and material refinements that will reduce manufacturing time and cost.

  • Prototyping & Testing. Working from industry-standard 3D CAD files, we supply physical prototypes. We have access to Stratasys fused deposition modeling (FDM) and other types of additive fabrication equipment. We also draw on low-volume manufacturing methods–such as machining or injection molding in aluminum tools–to produce fully functional prototypes in end-use materials. Upon request, we can facilitate pre-production testing as well.

  • Tooling Development. From help with design to the production of bridge and production tools, we support tooling development for every manufacturing process we offer.